Welcome to Customer Fields! If you're new to the scene, using the form builder might seem a bit intimidating at first. This guide contains some step-by-step video walkthroughs, which are helpful for getting acquainted with the many features available in the app's form builder. In less than a half-hour, our team will take you on a detailed walkthrough around the form builder to show how to create a form and utilize all the settings available at your disposal such as custom input fields and form rules.

Video Directory

  1. Intro to forms

    1. A general overview of the form builder's tabs and features.

  2. The form editor

    1. Using the form editor to add and edit fields, add and edit form steps, and drag and drop fields between steps to organize.

  3. Custom input fields

    1. An overview of where to find custom input fields within the form builder, and how to add them to your form.

    2. Check out our help center for more details: custom input fields

  4. Form rules

    1. A guide for using the form builder's conditional form rules.

    2. Check out our help center for more details: about form rules

  5. Form settings

    1. A walkthrough of what is available in the form editor's Settings.

    2. Check out our help center for more details: using form settings

  6. Installing a form

    1. A video guide showing how to install a form on the storefront.

    2. Check out our help center for more details: install a form on your storefront

Customer Fields Forms 101

👋 Intro to Forms

✍️ The Form Editor

✏️ Custom Input Fields

📏 Form Rules

🧰 Form Settings

🔧 Installing a Form

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