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Rename your form, set redirect URL, adjust language, edit CSS and more

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There are several sections in the app's form settings that allow you to control the global settings for the form you're editing. You can find the form settings by clicking on the Settings tab in the form builder:

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We've provided some high-level details on the different sections below:


  • Rename the form

  • Show an asterisk (*) for required fields

  • Display a password reset link for customers who are logged in

Account options

  • Automatically create customer accounts

  • Require account approval

Pro-tip: Learn more about account options using this help article.

Redirect options

  • Redirect customers to another page after the form is submitted

  • Redirect customers to the previous page they were on before using the form

  • Instead of a redirect, display a confirmation message once the form is submitted via a "success step" (see screenshot below)

  • Enable/disable the form's 'Cancel' button, and control the URL

New success steo


  • Edit the text used for the form's buttons, error messages, and other elements


Note: These settings are meant for developers and power users πŸ€“


  • Download a copy of the entire form for safekeeping, or for importing into another Shopify store that has Customer Fields installed

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