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Use Customer Fields with Sparklayer B2B
Use Customer Fields with Sparklayer B2B

Resources and guides for using Customer Fields along with the popular wholesale app Sparklayer

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The Sparklayer app is a powerful wholesale suite for Shopify, bringing B2B features to your site without having to be on Shopify Plus. You can combine this with Customer Fields' registration tools to help you collect critical data from your customers, and gain access to features like requiring account approval or automatically tagging customer accounts.

Add a form to Sparklayer's B2B customer login page

The Sparklayer team built a custom page specifically for wholesale/B2B login and applications. This page is automatically available to you if you use their custom version of the Dawn theme, or you can install this custom page directly into your own theme.

Use the pre-built custom Dawn theme

To make it easy to get up and running with SparkLayer, they provide a B2B optimised version of the Dawn theme. Here are some highlights of the features provided by this custom theme:

  • SparkLayer frontend code snippets fully installed

  • The ability to restrict access with an optional login screen

  • The ability to hide prices until a B2B customer signs in

  • The ability to set B2B-only products that only show when a B2B customer signs in

For more information about the Sparklayer Dawn theme and getting it installed, you can view their documentation here.

Add the custom login page to your own theme

If you already have a different theme you want to use and just want to add the Sparklayer B2B login page, they also provide the page code needed so that you can manually add it to an existing theme. You can find their installation guide here.

Integrate a custom from

Once you have the Sparklayer B2B page set up, you can easily replace their standard application form with a Customer Fields form to help you collect additional data, and also saves you time by automatically creating a customer record instead of having to manually enter the customer's information.

Step 1 - Create a form

Build your form in the Customer Fields app. If you're not sure where to start, you can check out our form builder tutorials here.

To prepare for installation in the next step, you will want to copy your form's unique shortcode from the "Installation" tab.

Step 2 - Install the form

First, make sure that the Customer Fields app is enabled in your theme customizer.

Then, navigate to the Sparklayer trade-login page template and select the "Login page" section in the left sidebar.

Image 2023-08-31 at 11.33.28 AM
Image 2023-08-31 at 11.34.11 AM

In the "Login page" section settings, you will want to check the box for "Use custom contact form", and paste the form shortcode from step 1 into the text box.

Image 2023-08-31 at 11.35.04 AM

Use your own registration page

If you do not want to use Sparklayer's page, you can still use a Customer Fields registration form on your storefront by using our standard installation methods.

If you have a B2B only site, you can install the form directly onto the standard registration page to replace Shopify's default registration, check out our installation guide here.

If you have a blended B2B and DTC site, you may want to have separate registration forms for different types of customers. The Customer Fields app supports this by allowing you to install forms in multiple places on the site. Check out some different options for accomplishing this in our guide here.

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