How to cancel Customer Fields

Learn what steps you need to take to uninstall and unsubscribe from Customer Fields

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If you need help with the Customer Fields app, please get in touch with our team at You can also reach out to us if you have any feedback or feature requests, this helps our team grow and improve Customer Fields. Read on if you still need to cancel Customer Fields.

All of our app's billing is handled by Shopify, so removing the app from your store will automatically cancel any future billing.

  • You can remove the app using the Apps and sales channels page in the Shopify admin (found under Settings > Apps and sales channels).

  • Click "Uninstall" next to the app name, fill out the feedback form, and click the red "Delete" button.

  • If you installed the app prior to November 8, 2022 you may need to take additional steps to fully remove Customer Fields code from your theme. Learn more.

If you reinstall the app within 30 days, your forms, settings, and imported customers will be waiting for you just as they were. After 30 days, your forms, settings, and other data will be erased and you'll have to start from scratch.

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