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How to remove the Customer Fields app code from a Shopify theme

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Follow the instructions in this help article if you need to remove the Customer Fields app code from your store's theme. We’re also happy to do this for you for free at any point - just let us know if you'd like our help! 

📌 This guide specifically pertains to shops that installed a Customer Fields form prior to November 9, 2022. Forms installed after this use theme app extensions by default and do not leave code remnants in your theme.

There are two ways to uninstall the app code from a theme:

  1. Automatic, via the app's Uninstall tool (easiest - recommended) 

  2. Manual, by editing the theme's files (for advanced users, stores using older versions of the app, or stores that no longer have access to the app admin) 

Using the Uninstall tool 

We've built an uninstall tool directly into the app admin so you can easily remove Customer Fields' code with just a few clicks. You can find the uninstall tool in the app admin by going to Settings > Vintage uninstall. You can also use the button below to get there faster: 

On the uninstall page, you'll want to select the themes that need the app's code to be removed. Then click the red 'Uninstall' button, and the app will take care of the rest!

Note: If you are using a very old version of Customer Fields (these are stores with forms that are still using the "legacy fields"), then you may need to remove the app code from the theme manually. Please take a look at the manual instructions below for more details.

Manual Uninstall instructions

Step 1

Launch the code editor from the Shopify admin by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

Step 2

Delete snippets/customer-fields.liquid 

Step 3

If templates/customers/register.orig.liquid (or templates/customers/register-orig.liquid) exists, then delete templates/customers/register.liquid

Step 4

Rename customers/register.orig.liquid (or templates/customers/register-orig.liquid) to customers/register.liquid

Step 5

Delete templates/customers/account.edit.liquid

Step 6

Edit templates/customers/account.liquid. Find the following code and remove it:

 <br><a href="/account?view=edit" style="font-size: 14px;">Edit account</a>

Step 7

Delete the following asset files:

  • assets/customer-fields.js

  • assets/customer-fields.css

  • assets/cf_form_data.<form id>.json (there may be multiple JSON files if more than one form was installed)

That's it! Please repeat the steps above if you need to remove the app code from any other themes in your store. 

Questions or concerns?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance. 👍

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