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An overview of the different types of apps & services that are integrated with Customer Fields

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Customer Fields is a powerful tool that can be connected to several other apps. Some apps are directly integrated with Customer Fields, while others are just considered to be compatible. This article presents an overview of all known integrations.

Direct Integrations

You can locate the app's built-in integrations by going to the Integrations page in the app admin. Within the Integrations page, you will find a list of apps that Customer Fields is directly integrated with (as well as those that it works well with even without a direct integration), as shown below:


Think of Zapier as a bridge to connect apps! With the help of Zapier, you can connect Customer Fields to just about any other app that is also available on Zapier. Most commonly we see Zapier power users using this integration to connect Customer Fields to Klaviyo for email marketing.

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The integration with Slack is designed to be used as a helpful tool for form notifications. With the use of this Slack integration, you can be instantly notified whenever a customer submits a specific form. This is especially useful for those fast-paced teams out there who strive for efficiency!

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A marketing platform tailored for eCommerce merchants like yourself, you can now use the direct integration to push customer data from Customer Fields into Omnisend. You can use Omnisend to create custom email and SMS campaigns.

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If you're looking for a way to customize your customer account page with Customer Fields data, there is an easy solution to be found with the CustomerHub app for Shopify. This app allows you to customize your theme's account page and is fully compatible with Customer Fields.

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Happy Birthday Discount

Creating automated campaigns based on a customer's birthday is super easy with the use of the Happy Birthday Discount app for Shopify. The integration between Customer Fields and Happy Birthday Discount ensures that your customer's birthday data is synced between both apps.

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The Sufio app uses customizable templates to automatically generate beautiful order invoices. Their team has also built a sweet integration with Customer Fields, allowing you to add custom data directly onto customers' invoices, making them even more useful and personal. Check out Sufio's guide for enabling this integration here: Adding custom data to invoices

Shopify Flow

You can use the submission of Customer Fields forms as a trigger in Shopify Flow, creating automated actions to help streamline your shop's workflow. You can also use metafield data collected on a form to help create customized conditions and more powerful actions. See here for more details: How to use Customer Fields with Shopify Flow

Compatible Apps

While these apps aren't necessarily directly integrated with Customer Fields, we see them used side-by-side often.

Google Sheets

With the use of Google Sheets you can easily import a large number of field options to a 'dropdown with search' field in your Customer Fields form. See here for more details: Using Google Sheets for field options

Google Maps

With the help of Google Maps you can allow for address autocomplete within your Customer Fields form. See here for more details: Google Maps for autocomplete


A common use case is to combine the powerful Locksmith app with Customer Fields to create a locked storefront. Using Customer Fields to require account approval and auto-tag customers for special pricing and access, you can then use Locksmith for the main muscle of locking parts of your store. See here for more details: Can I restrict access to my store?


Customer Fields and Gorgias are both integrated with Customers in Shopify, so any customers created by Customer Fields should be accessible within Gorgias by default. It is possible to send Customer Fields data to Gorgias via customer notes in Shopify. You can find step-by-step details on how to accomplish this in Gorgias’s help docs: Using Customer Fields with Gorgias


Customer Fields can sync custom data with Klaviyo in a couple of different ways to help create marketing campaigns. It's important to note that since Customer Fields creates customers directly in Shopify, any new customers created by our app can still be synced to Klaviyo via the standard Klaviyo-Shopify integration, however this does not include custom data collected. If you want to include any of your custom data in Klaviyo, you can check out these guides:

✍️ Any suggestions?

We are open to hearing any suggestions for integrations! If you would like to get more information or to be alerted when a certain integration is available, contact our customer success team via chat or email.

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