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Customize the account page with CustomerHub
Customize the account page with CustomerHub

Display custom data on your store's account page using the CustomerHub integration

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The good folks over at CustomerHub have built a direct integration with Customer Fields!

CustomerHub is an app that allows you to customize the customer account page with data from other apps you use on your Shopify store. As of this article's publish date, CustomerHub integrates with 68 apps and counting, making it easier than ever for you to display essential information for your customers on the account page.

How to display data from Customer Fields on the customer account page using the CustomerHub integration

You can sync your custom data to display the customer's data on the accounts page in the Profile Card:

The Customer Fields integration is also designed to replace the standard form from CustomerHub with the edit account form you can set up in our app (this edit account form can be set up using any Customer Fields plan). The standard CustomerHub form has the Shopify registration field defaults (First Name, Last Name, Email, and Accepts Marketing). With our app integration, customers can manage all of the desired details within their profile in CustomerHub.

Integration instructions

Note: Before we begin, you must be on a Customer Fields plan that allows integrations to connect with CustomerHub to show custom data on the account page.

After you install CustomerHub on your store, you will first need to enable the CustomerHub app embed, which can be accessed through your theme customizer, or the direct link in the app.

Once the app is activated, you can return to the app itself and navigate to the Customize page, where you can select Profile Builder > Advanced

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In the Advanced settings, you can define the customer metafield namespace that you want to use. By default, the Helium Customer Fields app uses customer_fields for metafield namespaces, but note that your shop may be using different namespaces.

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You can then click Reload Fields from Shopify to see all of the available fields that you can use from the defined namespace, and use the Customer Card Setup section to display your fields on the customer account page.

For more information, you can also check out CustomerHub's guide here. Reach out to the Customer Fields or CustomerHub support teams if you have any questions!

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