When the Klaviyo app for Shopify is installed on a store, Klaviyo will automatically sync all of the customers who have subscribed to the store's newsletter, and any new subscribers will be automatically added into their system. 

Although Customer Fields is not directly integrated with Klaviyo at the moment, you are welcome to use both apps together without any issues. This help article provides some details on the extra settings that you may want to configure to help make the process more streamlined. Read more below!

Automatically add customers to a list inside of Klaviyo

There is a setting inside of Klaviyo that allows you to automatically subscribe customers to a certain list: 

In order for customers to be automatically added to a list inside of Klaviyo, two things need to happen to the customer record:

  • Customer has 'Accepts marketing' set to true 

  • Customer has a tag of newsletter 

'Accepts marketing' set to true

Customer Fields has a pre-built field type for 'Accepts marketing', which is found in the Standard fields section of the app's form builder:

When this field is added to a form, and the customer checks the box when filling out the form, then the customer record will have the 'Accepts marketing' property set to true. This piece of information will be shown inside of Shopify, Customer Fields, and Klaviyo.

Newsletter tag

Some merchants prefer to manually add their customers to the desired lists inside of Klaviyo, and in these cases there's no extra action or setup required.

For merchants that do want customers to be automatically added to a list inside of Klaviyo, then a newsletter tag will need to be added to the customer. Luckily, it's easy to add a form rule in Customer Fields that will automatically tag the customer if they opt-in for marketing. Here's how:

  1. Launch the app's form builder

  2. Go to the 'Rules' tab

  3. Click the 'Add rule' button

  4. Add a condition to the new rule, selecting the 'accepts_marketing' field. Set the qualifier to is true 

  5. Add a 'add tag to customer' action, and set the tag value to newsletter 

  6. Make sure to save your changes once finished 

Here's what the rule should look like in the Customer Fields form builder:

Set up Klaviyo's web tracking on the store's theme

Klaviyo offers a web tracking snippet which is normally installed on the store's theme automatically when using the Klaviyo app for Shopify. Unfortunately, at the moment Klaviyo's 'auto-install' is not designed to work with the forms created in Customer Fields. In order to get Klaviyo's web tracking to work with the forms from our Customer Fields app, you need to manually install klaviyo.js on the store's theme. 

Manual install of klaviyo.js

Klaviyo has a help article that provides some step by step instructions for the manual install of their web tracking snippet, which you can find using the button below:

Need help? 

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Did you know?

👉 You can connect Customer Fields to Klaviyo using Zapier to automatically import new subscribers or custom data into Klaviyo. 🎉 Learn more here

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