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Common issue: Failed to send account invite
Common issue: Failed to send account invite

Why certain errors happen when approving or inviting customers

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Sometimes when using the Customer Fields admin to approve customers or to send account invites to customers, you may run into a "Failed to send account invite" error. Most of the time, this error is accompanied with a more specific message detailing why the account invite failed. This article goes over some of the most common reasons this error might occur.

Invalid domain name

This error occurs if the customer registered with an invalid email domain - most commonly this error occurs when the customer misspelled their email domain. In the example below, the customer used the email domain instead of

Solution: if the email domain is invalid it may not be possible to reach the customer via email to confirm. Instead, you can try copy + pasting the email domain into a new browser tab. You will most likely see a browser error letting you know that the domain cannot be reached, and to check if there is a typo. This usually confirms that there is indeed a typo in the domain name. See below for an example:

In our case, it seems pretty clear that there is an extra v in, so by removing the extra v we are taken to the correct website. Now we can edit the customer record in the app to remove the extra v from the email domain, and send the account invite as expected.

Shopify’s account invite limit

Shopify failed to send an account invite

Screenshot of the error shown in the app admin:

❗ Shopify's account invite limit is 5 invites per 10-minute period

Shopify seems to have recently added a limit to the number of account invites that can be sent at a given time. This new limit has not been officially announced or documented by Shopify, but based on our testing the limitation seems to have been introduced around the beginning of June 2022.

If you encounter the following error message while using the Customer Fields app, we suggest waiting 10 minutes before trying again.

If you are still having issues after waiting 10 minutes, contact our support team by using the app's help widget or via email.

Merchants using Account Approval

If you are currently using Customer Fields for account approval, this will impact how many customers you can approve since the approval process involves sending an account invite. This applies to other staff users approving customers on your store as well, as the limit is specific to the store, not the user.

This is a limitation imposed by Shopify, so sadly there’s nothing we can do on our end to circumvent this issue.

If you would like to see this limitation changed in the future, we encourage you to reach out to Shopify Support.

Failed to merge customers

There are many reasons that customer records could fail to merge. Please check out this guide for more details: Common issue: Failed to merge customers

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