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Customer Fields demo store forms

Example use cases and additional templates to spark inspiration

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Demo store forms

We've created 5 forms on our demo store that allow you to step into a customer's shoes and see various ways you can configure and personalize forms using Customer Fields.

Current examples:

  • Account Approval - This form has the setting for 'require account approval' enabled, meaning that each submission needs to be manually reviewed by staff/admin before the data is saved to Shopify.

  • Birthday register - This is a basic form with Shopify's standard fields, plus a custom field for DOB (date of birth).

  • Style Quiz - This is a multi-step form that showcases some advanced features including data column variables and form rules.

  • Wholesale/Customer Groups - This is a dynamic, multi-step form that shows different fields and steps based on the customer type chosen on step 1.

  • Advanced - This is a single-step form showing a variety of custom input fields.

Copy our demo forms! We don't mind.

Want a duplicate of one of these demo forms so you can customize and use them on your store? Feel free to ping our support team and we will provide a template so you can import a copy to your store! πŸ‘

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