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Common issue: Form does not match store's theme
Common issue: Form does not match store's theme

Use CSS to forcefully apply theme styles to a CF form

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Certain themes are not designed to handle 3rd party forms

Since all Shopify themes use their own unique markup, there might be cases where the desired styling from the store's theme is not applied to the forms you've created in Customer Fields. You may notice a design or appearance issue with an entire form, or perhaps there are just certain elements within a form that are out of place (e.g. dropdown fields or radio fields).

Sadly not all themes are designed with quality and best practices in mind, so we usually suggest sticking to the themes that are available in Shopify's official theme store ( The app will work with custom themes and themes purchased outside of the theme store, but certain unofficial themes may cause some appearance issues when viewing a form on the storefront. For example, we've come across cases where certain themes forcefully hide all checkbox fields on all pages -- crazy right?!

CSS to the rescue

When there's an appearance issue with a Customer Fields form, some extra CSS may be needed to make the form match the design (aka "look and feel") of other forms found in the theme (like the store's login page, for example - /account/login). Depending on the theme and which specific form elements need extra styling, this may require several different CSS selectors to be used.

Luckily, the app has a built-in CSS editor so you can make styling changes to a form without modifying any of the store's theme code. You can learn more about form styling using the following help article:

Contact us for help

If you need help applying a theme's native styling to a Customer Fields form, please don't hesitate to reach out via chat or email ( We'll be happy to make the appropriate changes on your behalf, or at least point you in the right direction!

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