If you are having problems with form redirects then you may need to disable a setting in the Shopify admin

Shopify has recently rolled out an additional layer of reCAPTCHA (see details here), and in certain cases we've noticed that this captcha is causing issues with form redirects.

The redirect problem typically occurs when Customer Fields attempts to automatically log a customer into their newly created account. In certain circumstances, Shopify will redirect customers to a "challenge" page with a checkbox captcha before the customer is logged in (URL for this page is /challenge). Unfortunately this challenge page completely overrides the app's redirect settings.

Ultimately Shopify's system controls how often each store's captcha is triggered, but luckily there is a way to disable Shopify's native captcha for certain parts of the storefront. If you are noticing issues with the redirect settings that have been configured in Customer Fields, then we suggest disabling Shopify's native captcha using the spam protection settings in the Shopify admin.

Spam protection settings in Shopify

You can manage the captcha settings for your store in the Shopify admin by going to Online Store > Preferences > Spam protection. On this page you can disable the setting for "Enable Google reCAPTCHA on login, create account and password recovery pages". See the screenshot below for an example of the setting in question:

Disabling the setting shown above will help to ensure that the redirects configured in Customer Fields will work properly.

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