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Allow customers to update or edit account details
Allow customers to update or edit account details

Let customers edit their own account information, like email or phone

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πŸ“ While logged in, customers can edit/update their account details using a Customer Fields form

This powerful feature allows customers to update their account information on their own -- all without you lifting a finger! Customers can easily log in to their account and click on an "Edit account" link to update their name, email, and/or any other fields you've configured inside the app's form builder.

Edit account page

When enabled, Customer Fields will create an edit account page on the storefront using an app proxy. By default, the URL for this page will be /tools/customr/edit-account.

Here's what the edit account page looks like on the storefront (Dawn theme):Β 

Edit account link

In addition to the proxy page, the app will also inject a link onto the store's existing account page (/account) so customers can easily access the edit account page after logging in.

Here's what the edit account link looks like on the account page (Dawn theme):

Steps to enable

Follow the steps below to enable an edit account page:

  1. Make sure to use a Customer Fields form with the account options setting set to 'Default'

  2. Copy the form ID from the app admin

  3. Launch the theme editor for the theme you're working on

    1. You can launch the theme editor from the Shopify admin under Sales channels > Online Store > Themes > Customize

    2. You can also launch the theme editor using the form builder in the app admin. From the form builder, click on the 'Installation' tab, select the theme you're working on, and then click the link for 'Launch theme editor'

  4. Once in Shopify's theme editor, open up the app embed settings for Customer Fields, and paste the form ID into the field for 'Edit account form ID'

  5. (Optional) Use the language settings in the app embed to customize the text shown to customers

  6. Click the 'Save' button in the theme editor to save your changes

Pro-tip: You can learn more about app embed form installation using this help article.

For stores with Account Approval forms

If you're using a Customer Fields form with the account options set to 'Require account approval', then you'll need to create a separate form so that logged-in customers can edit their account details.

The fastest way to create a separate form is to duplicate an existing form:

  1. Go to the 'Forms' page in the app admin

  2. Find the form you want to duplicate, and then click the 'Duplicate' link (see screenshot)

  3. Once the duplicate form has been created, go to the 'Settings' tab in the form builder

  4. Find the section for 'Account options' and enable the 'Default' setting

  5. Click the 'Save' button to save your changes

Pro-tip: Learn more about the form settings for account options using this help article.

Important notes

πŸ”— Location for the edit account link

Each Shopify theme is different, so the location & position of the "Edit account" link may vary from the above examples.

Pro-tip: If you want to change the text for the "Edit account" link to something else, read this help article.

πŸ”‘ Changing passwords

Currently, Shopify's APIs do not support the ability for a customer to change their account password. Because of this, customers cannot edit their password using a Customer Fields form. Technically this is a security measure put in place by Shopify, and it's intended to prevent customers from inadvertently changing their passwords without confirming they have access to the email address attached to their account.

Pro- tip: If you want to give customers the option to reset their password once they are logged in, then you can enable a password reset link using the 'Settings' tab in the form builder (learn more).

πŸ”’ Lock field values

You may want to restrict customers from editing certain fields in your form, such as a birthday field. To lock a field value, go to your form, select the field, then tick the box for "Lock value" as seen in the image below.

Pro- tip: If you are using repeating group fields, you must instead "Lock entries." You cannot lock values from an individual field if it is inside a repeating group field.

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