Customers can edit / update their account details with Customer Fields, while logged in.

This powerful feature gives customers the ability to update their account information on their own - all without you lifting a finger! Customers can easily log in to their account and click on an "Edit account" link to update their name, email, and/or any other fields you've created using the app's form builder.


Here's how the 'Edit Account' page looks on the Debut theme: 

The app will also add an "Edit account" link to the store's existing /account page, so customers can easily access the Edit Account page after logging in. 

Steps to enable

When you install a form on a theme, there is an option to select 'Edit account page' as an installation location:

If you select this option when installing a form, the app will automatically create a special page in the store's theme. It will also add an "Edit account" hyperlink on the store's account page (/account), so logged-in customers can easily access the form.

Edit account for Account Approval forms

If your registration form's account settings are set to "require account approval" then you may have noticed that the edit account option is disabled on the Installation tab:

If you want customers to be able to edit their account details, then you will need to either change the account options setting on your current form to use 'Default', or you can create a duplicate form. In this case, you will need to follow these steps in order to create an edit account form:

  1. Duplicate your registration form using the "Duplicate" button on the form card.

  2. In the duplicate form, go to Settings > Account options and switch to "Default".

  3. Go to the Installation tab and install the new duplicate form on your theme's edit account page.

See below for a recording of how to do this:

Learn more about the form settings for account options using this help article.

Important notes:

  • Each Shopify theme is slightly different, so the location & position of the link for "Edit account" may vary from what's shown above. 

  • Currently, Shopify's APIs do not support the ability for a customer to change their account password. Because of this, customers are not able to edit their password using a Customer Fields form. This is a security measure and prevents customers from inadvertently changing their passwords.

    • If you want to give customers the option to reset their password once they are logged in, then you can enable a password reset link using the 'Settings' tab in the form builder (learn more).

  • If you have enabled the account option for 'Require account approval' on a form, then you are not able to install the form on the edit account page. See here for details.

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