Want to show a "thank you" message instead of redirecting?

Most forms are set up to redirect customers to another page once the form is submitted, but there may be cases where you want to keep the customer on the current page instead of redirecting. Luckily there is a setting in the app's form builder that allows you to show a "thank you" message via a special form step.

This setting is great for forms that require customer accounts to be approved, but it's also helpful if you just want to show a simple confirmation message to customers directly on the form after submission. Below you'll find details on how to enable/disable the setting, along with some instructions for how to access and edit the content of the success step.

Configure a success step

Form setting

To enable a success step on a form, click on the Settings tab within the form builder.

In the 'Redirect options' section, you'll find an option to enable 'Display success step after submitting'. Please note that when you enable this option it will disable the form's redirect settings.

When you enable this option, the app will automatically add a special "Submission Success" step to the end of the form. By default the success step will include some generic content, but you're welcome to edit this step as needed. Keep in mind this success step will only be shown to customers after they submit the form.

Edit success step

You can edit the content for the success step by clicking on the 'Submission success' step in the form editor. Please note that the title of this form step is not shown to the customer once they submit the form -- only the content of the step itself will be displayed.

All of the app's Display fields are available for the success step, but these are the only types of fields that can be added. You're welcome to use data column variables here as well, which is especially helpful if you want to add some personalized content.

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