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Create a multi-step form to break up long or complex forms into multiple steps

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What are Form Steps?

Form Steps allow you to split up your form into multiple "steps" (almost like a new page, but without an actual redirect). Steps can be utilized in a variety of ways, and to help get you started we've included some of the most popular below.

  • Simplify particularly long or complex forms 

  • Encourage customers to complete the entire form, using positive reinforcement along the way 

  • Prevent customers from being overwhelmed with a large number of fields all at once

  • Create a "Quiz" or "Questionnaire" form experience for users

Create form steps

Most forms will include a single step, but there are certain form templates that include multiple steps by default. To add, remove, or edit form steps, simply click on 'Edit form steps' within the Form editor tab of an existing form, as seen in the image below:

Edit form steps

From this page you can rename, reorder, or delete form steps.

Move fields to new form step

For your convenience, we've built in the ability for you to drag-and-drop a field you've created into the form step of your choice. This can be a big time saver if you're rethinking your one-page registration form!

Now take it to the next level

You can use Form Steps in conjunction with Form Rules to conditionally show/hide steps, which allows you to create highly personalized and effective forms for all sorts of different use-cases and customer types 💪

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