Two powerful options to choose from

When you create a new form in Customer Fields, or when you edit the settings for an existing form, you will see a section that allows you to control the form's account options. There are two options to choose from:

  • Automatically create customer accounts (Default)
  • Require account approval (NEW!)

Change account options on new forms

When creating a new form you'll find a section for 'Choose account options' underneath the form's name:

Change account options on existing forms

When editing an existing form, click on the 'Settings' tab in the form builder. On this page you'll find a section for 'Account options':

Automatically create customer accounts

If you enable this option, the app will automatically create (or update) customer records in Shopify each time the form is submitted. As mentioned above, this is the default option for all forms. We suggest using this option if:

  • You want to allow new customers to instantly access their account after registering
  • You want to allow existing customers to edit their account details after logging in (learn more here)

Please note that when new customers submit a form with this option enabled, they will be automatically logged in to their account.

Require account approval

If you enable this option, customers will need to be manually approved before their account can be activated. This is a long-awaited feature that has recently been added to Customer Fields, and this option is great if you want to have more control over who is able to create an account on your store.

When customers submit a form with the account approval option enabled, Customer Fields will store a customer record in the app's database, but this information will not be saved into Shopify until you approve them. When you approve a customer, the app will send an account invite to the customer (via email) so they can set a password for their new account.

Review segment

When you enable the 'Require account approval' option for the first time, the app will create a new segment named "Review" in the customer directory. This segment allows you to quickly access a list of any new customers who are in a Pending status.

Of course you're welcome to edit the filters and rename this segment if needed 😎

Pro-tip: Learn more about the app's customer directory and segments using this help article.

Approve or Deny customers

To approve or deny a customer, you will need to view the customer's details in the app. For any customer that is in a Pending status, you'll see a banner at the top of the details page, like so:

Click the 'Approve' button to send the customer's data to your Shopify store, and then use the modal that pops up to send an invite email to the customer. Notice that you can customize the email subject and message for each customer.

Click the 'Deny' link to deny the customer's request for an account. Use the modal that pops up to confirm the action, and send an optional message to the customer to explain why their request was denied.

Note: You are welcome to approve a customer that have you previously denied. This is helpful if you get more information from the customer after denying them, or if you accidentally deny a customer that you meant to approve.

Merge customers

There are some cases where you may need to merge one or more customer records together. This is because Shopify's system does not allow for duplicate email addresses or phone numbers.

When approving a customer, if the app detects a customer record in Shopify that uses the same email or phone, you will see a banner message explaining that there is a conflict. You can view the conflicting record to edit or delete it, or you can merge the customer records together.

When you merge a customer, the app will overwrite the conflicting customer record with the data from the customer record you're approving. This includes all data in the app for the customer record being merged, which may include customer tags, standard Shopify fields, default address fields, and custom fields.

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