If you are having issues with form redirects, you may need to disable a setting in the Shopify admin

Shopify has recently rolled out an additional layer of recaptcha (see details here), and in certain cases we've noticed that this recaptcha is causing issues with form redirects.

Shopify seems to have changed how often each store's recaptcha is triggered, and the "challenge" page with recaptcha may prevent the redirect rules & settings in Customer Fields from working properly.

Spam protection settings in Shopify

You can manage the recaptcha settings for your store using the Shopify admin by going to Online Store > Preferences > Spam protection. On this page you can disable the setting for "Enable Google reCAPTCHA on contact forms".

Even though the Shopify admin doesn't specifically mention it, this setting does impact the store's login/register forms. Disabling this setting should help to ensure that the redirect settings & rules in Customer Fields properly redirect customers after form submission.

Questions or concerns?

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