The Customer Fields app includes an 'Edit Account' page which allows customers to edit their profile details after logging into their account

This feature gives customers the ability to update their account information on their own - all without you lifting a finger! Customers can easily login to their account and click an "Edit account" link to update their name, email, and/or any other fields you've created using the app's form builder.

Here's how it works:

  • When you install a form on a theme, there is an option to select Edit account page as an installation location. If you choose this option, the app will automatically create an Edit Account page in the store's theme. Note: this page will basically mirror your installed form unless you've configured it otherwise.
  • The app will also add an "Edit account" link to the store's existing /account page, so customers can easily access the Edit Account page after logging in:

Important notes:

  • Each Shopify theme is slightly different, so the location/position of the "Edit account" link may vary from what's shown above. 
  • If you want to change the text for the "Edit account" link to something else, read this help article
  • Customers are not able to edit their password using the Edit Account page. This has been done by design (to prevent customers from inadvertently changing their password).

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