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How to use custom namespaces in Customer Fields
How to use custom namespaces in Customer Fields

Use customer metafields with different namespaces such as pre-existing metafields or those from another app

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Lots of apps are using customer metafields to store information on customer accounts in Shopify. The problem with is that most systems only work with a specific namesapce. Set up a birthday field in Klaviyo? You probably have a Klaviyo.birthday metafield. Manually created a metafield in the Shopify admin? You may have a metafield such as custom.gender.

The good news is that the Customer Fields app now supports using custom namespace for custom form fields, instead of only being able to use our app-specific customer_fields namespace. This means you can add your Klaviyo.birthday, custom.gender, and other metafields directly to the app, allowing form submission data to be saved directly into these metafields, making it easier than ever to integrate customer data with all the different apps and systems you may be using.

How to use custom namespaces

By default, the app will use the customer_fields namespace for all custom fields created through the Customer Fields app.

Set a custom namespace when creating a new form field

When adding a new custom field to a form, you can manually define a namespace and data column key to use for that specific field, which will automatically be associated with the corresponding metafield definition in Shopify, or create a new metafield if one does not already exist.

Set a custom namespace when manually creating a new data column

To define a new data column in the Customer Fields app outside of an actual form field, you can manually do so on the Data columns page of the app. If you are trying to match this to an existing Shopify metafield, just make sure to match up the namespace, key, and type with what is already defined in Shopify.

Change the app's default namespace

In most cases it should not be necessary to change the default namespace used by the app, but if you are creating a lot of fields with a certain namespace, changing the default will save you from needing to change it individually for each field. This default value can be found in the Metafields section of the app's settings, or using this direct link:

Please note that changing the default namespace will not retroactively change any fields' namespace, only the namespace for new fields going forward.

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