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Meteor Mega Menu 2023 Update

From its debut in 2015 as "Bacon Mega Menus" to its 2018 rebuild, Meteor Mega Menu has been a favorite for thousands of Shopify stores. This year, we've reinvented it with a host of new features, based on popular demand.

πŸŽ‰ Most requested new features:

  • Images on mobile: Showcase images on mobile mega menus

  • Unlimited Menus: Create as many mega menus as you need on any plan – including our Free plan!

  • Multi-region support: Auto-translate product details with native apps like Shopify's Translate & Adapt.

  • Custom Image Uploads: Add custom images to any template that supports images.

Full list of app updates

Here's a quick breakdown of the most notable changes and benefits that are included in the new version of Meteor Mega Menus:

Embedded app UI directly into the Shopify admin

  • Provides a seamless experience when managing the app within Shopify

  • Allows for Meteor to be pinned to the 'Apps' list in Shopify admin

Improved storefront install/uninstall via Shopify's Theme App Extensions

  • Makes theme installation cleaner and easier

    • Removes the need for a singular 'Theme' setting in the app

    • No more code changes in themes, and no more leftover code

Upgraded the app's backend to use the latest stable version of Shopify's APIs

  • Ensures the app is using Shopify's latest tech

Improved reliability of automatic nav/menu attachment on themes

  • Makes Meteor work on more Shopify themes out-of-the-box

  • Reduces theme-specific problems/issues

Added a new mobile template with images

  • Allow for images to be displayed on the mobile version of mega menus -- one of our most popular feature requests!

Added multi-region support (language and currency) using Storefront API

  • Resource copy (product names, product descriptions, product pricing, collection names, etc.) are automatically translated when using a native translation app (e.g. Shopify's Translate & Adapt)

New in-app link list editor with resource picker, plus optional menu import from Shopify

  • Allows menu content to be managed directly in the app admin

  • Navigation menus in Shopify can be imported into the app for faster setup

Added the ability to upload custom images for any menu item

  • Allows resource images to be overwritten with custom images

  • Allows for custom images to be added to menu items that normally do not have images (e.g. menu items linked to 'Pages')

Improved touch support when using desktop menus on tablets and other similar devices

  • Touch devices that have larger viewports (e.g. iPad Pro) will show the app's desktop mega menus, and these menus can be navigated using touch/tap actions (in addition to click/hover actions)

Removed menu limits on all app plans

  • There is no longer a limit on the number of mega menus that can be published, regardless of the app plan (including the Free plan)

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