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Installing Meteor on your storefront
Installing Meteor on your storefront

Use theme app extensions to install Meteor Mega Menu on your storefront with no code necessary

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Duplicate your theme

Before installing the mega menus, we recommend first duplicating your store’s live (aka published) theme so that the new menus don’t interfere with your live store. This way you can fully test the mega menus on the storefront without affecting the live store until you're ready 👍

Pro tip: We suggest renaming the duplicate theme with the keyword "Meteor" so that you can easily distinguish it from your other themes.

Select your desired theme in Meteor

To install your Meteor menus, you need to enable the app embed in your theme customizer. The easiest way to do so is to use the app's built-in installation selectors

Step 1

You can click the 'Manage installation' button on the app's dashboard

Image 2023-08-17 at 12.03.15 PM

Step 2

Use the pop-up modal to select your theme and then click 'Enable app'.

Step 3

The theme customizer will automatically open with the Meteor app embed enabled. In the app embed settings, you will also see some additional customization options for the style of your navigation menu. Once you are ready, make sure to save!

Step 4

All that is left now is to preview your theme to test the menus. Please note that the menus do not always load correctly in the theme customizer, so make sure to open up the preview storefront to get the best idea of how the menus work.

Step 5

If you have installed on a test theme and everything looks good, don't forget to repeat these steps to install the menus directly onto your live theme!

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