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Technical details for legacy migrations
Technical details for legacy migrations

How to handle customizations made to legacy versions of Customer Fields (prior to December 2019)

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Custom code for Legacy

Please be aware of the following when migrating:

1) The app’s legacy snippet and assets in a store's theme will no longer be used since the app now relies on Shopfiy's theme app extensions for installation on the storefront. This means that any customizations made to snippets/customer-fields.liquid will be lost.

2) You may have to manually update your store's theme code if the app’s legacy fields were manually installed in a custom or unique location.

3) The Liquid syntax for displaying metafield data on the storefront and emails has changed twice in the last couple of years. This may require you to update code to accommodate for the new syntax.

4) Legacy JavaScript callback hooks will no longer work. A new set of JavaScript callback hooks are available, and more details can be found using our developer documentation. Please note that most use cases can now be handled via settings in the form builder (see #5 below).

5) The new form builder allows you to create conditional rules and special field validations directly in the app - all without having to use custom code!

6) The markup for the app's form fields has changed dramatically, so any custom styling may need to be manually updated. In addition, form styles can now be added directly into the app's form builder using a built-in CSS editor.

  • Learn more about custom CSS and form styling here: Form styling

Not sure if your store has customizations for Customer Fields?

Get in touch with our Customer Success team using in-app chat or email, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction 👍

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