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Use Happy Birthday Discount to create birthday campaigns
Use Happy Birthday Discount to create birthday campaigns

Capture birthday data from your customers and send them a discount on their birthday using the Happy Birthday Discount app

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Our friends over at Union Works built a nifty integration with Customer Fields that allows you to sync your customers' birthday data with the Happy Birthday Discounts app. To take advantage of this integration you will need to perform a one-time setup by following a few steps outlined in this article.

Before starting you'll need to have both apps installed, so if you don't already have the Happy Birthday Discount app installed you can use the button below:

Setup steps

Step 1: Birthday field

First, ensure you have a birthday field and data column created in Customer Fields using the date type. If you don't already have a birthday field created, follow the steps in this article so you can start collecting birthday data from your customers.

πŸ“Œ Note: repeating group fields are not available in the Happy Birthday Discount app at this time. Learn more about repeating group fields.

Step 2: Enable the Customer Fields integration in Happy Birthday

Launch the Happy Birthday Discount app and click on the Integrations tab in the main navigation bar.

Once on the integrations page, find the Customer Fields app from the list and click on View Details to set up the integration. From the details page, click the enable button to grant access to Customer Fields:

Step 3: Map your birthday data column

Once you have enabled the integration, you will see an Integration Settings section with a dropdown menu to choose the data column. Use this dropdown to select the specific data column that you want to use as the data source for your customer birthdays. In the example below, there is only one date field available for birthdays, but any date field data column will show up in this list. Make sure to choose the correct data column that you want to use for birthday discount campaigns.

Once you click on Save Settings the integration will be fully connected. You're now ready to send email campaigns to customers using the birthday data from Customer Fields! πŸŽ‰

Integration details

Two-way sync

Technically speaking, the integration between Happy Birthday Discounts and Customer Fields is a 2-way sync. This means that any birthday data that is captured by or entered into Customer Fields will automatically sync to Happy Birthday Discounts. This also means that birthday data captured by Happy Birthday Discount will sync with existing customer records in Customer Fields.

To learn more about the integration, please take a look at these help articles from Union Works.

Happy birthday campaigns

For more information about the Happy Birthday Discount app, including details for setting up an automated email campaign based on your customers' birthday data, please check out the app's help center.

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