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Get Slack notifications whenever a form is submitted
Get Slack notifications whenever a form is submitted

Connect Customer Fields to your Slack workspace and get notifications sent straight to your channels

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Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information they need

With our new Slack integration, you can get notified directly in Slack whenever a customer submits a Customer Fields form!

These form-specific notifications are delivered via direct channel messages in your Slack workspace. This integration allows you and your team to be instantly notified anytime a customer submits a form. Here are a couple of popular ways to use this integration:

  • Desktop and mobile notifications when a new customer registers for an account

  • Real-time alerts for new pending customers that need to be approved or denied

  • Keeping a close eye on the changes your existing customers make to their account details

Connect Customer Fields to your Slack workspace

  1. Start by launching the app admin and clicking on the tab for Integrations:

  2. Find the section for the Slack integration and click the button that says 'Connect':

  3. On the Slack Integrations page, click 'Add to Slack':

  4. A pop-up window will open in your browser asking you to authorize permission for Customer Fields to connect to your Slack workspace.

    1. Make sure to select your desired workspace in the top right. If you don't see the workspace you're hoping to connect to, click the option for "Add another workspace" and follow Slack's prompts.

    2. Click the button for 'Allow' to proceed.

Create a new notification

Pick a Customer Fields form and Slack Channel

Once you've connected Customer Fields to a Slack workspace, you can add notifications for any of the forms you've created.

To get started, click 'New notification'.

In the "Action" section you can select which form you want to connect the notification to, and what channel you want these notifications to be sent to inside Slack.

The Action section also allows you to enable or disable each notification.

Customize the message

Now you're ready to customize the message that will get sent to your Slack channel!

In the "Message" section you'll find a text box that allows you to control the content of the message. In the two option lists below the text box, you'll find the app's custom and standard data columns.

  • Note: repeating group fields and group_list data columns are not supported by our Slack integration, meaning their values will not pass through to notification messages.

Adding unique customer data to the Slack message is as simple as clicking on the desired data column. You will then see a variable for the data column in the text box.

You're welcome to type directly into the text box to give the customer data some additional context. You can also use Liquid control flow tags, iteration tags, and filters to dynamically render content in your ideal format & layout. See an example below:

In the above example, we've added some basic message formatting using markdown (* for bold, and > for block quotes).

  • We've added labels for "Company" and "Subscribed to email marketing?" to the left of the variables for the standard data columns and email_marketing_consent.state

  • We've also included a variable for a custom data column tax_exempt_proof, which happens to be a file data column type.

    • By adding .url to the data column variable we're able to get the file's URL, this way Slack will automatically create a preview of the image or document!

➡️ More details on message formatting can be found below.

Send test message

You can click the button for 'Send test message' to get a test notification sent to your specified channel. This allows you to see how the message will appear in Slack without the need to make a form submission yourself. This also allows you to preview changes to a notification before they are saved.

Please note that the app uses randomized data to fill in the content for test messages -- real customer data is only used when the notification is enabled and the form you specified has been submitted.

Message formatting

Slack markdown

You can add rich-text formatting to your message using Slack's version of markdown.

Common visual formatting styles:

  • _italic_

    • Add underscores before and after a string of text to make the text italicized.

  • *bold*

    • Add asterisks before and after a string of text to make the text bold.

  • ~strike~

    • Add tildes before and after a string of text to create strikethrough text.

  • >blockquote

    • Add a right-pointing caret before the beginning of one or more lines of text to display the text as a blockquote.

Looking for more ways to customize message formatting? See Slack's Formatting Guide

Liquid friendly

The app's Slack notifications are also Liquid-friendly! This means you can use any popular control flow tags, iteration tags and filters that you need to dynamically render content in your ideal format & layout. We suggest using this documentation if you need a good reference on Liquid.

Make sure to save!

Got your new Slack notification set up just the way you want it? Click the 'Save' button at the top right and you'll start getting form notifications sent straight to your workspace!

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