Getting started with new apps can be a little intimidating, so we put together this helpful guide to show you around Meteor Mega Menus so that you can get to know all its features and become a mega menu-building pro!

Launching the app

You can access Meteor from the Apps page in your Shopify admin. Click on Apps > Meteor Mega Menus to open up the app admin in a new tab in your browser:

Using the app admin

Here's a breakdown of the most important parts of the admin UI for Meteor:

Mega menus tab

Click on the Mega menus tab to access the app's dashboard and manage your mega menus. This is the main page of the app which allows you to view, edit, and create mega menus.

Theme preview

This tool allows you to preview the theme that your menus are currently published to. Click the 'Preview' button to open up a new tab in your browser so you can view the storefront for the currently selected theme.

Theme switcher

This tool allows you to switch the theme that your menus are installed on. If you click the 'Theme' button, a dropdown menu will appear and you'll see a list of themes that have been added to your online store. When you select a theme, Meteor will automatically inject its code into the theme you selected. This means that even if you switch to a different theme, the app's code will remain in the previous theme you used. You can learn more about how Meteor works with multiple themes using this help article.

The screenshot below shows where to find the theme preview and theme switcher tools on the app's dashboard:

✍️ Note: You can also use the Theme tab on the left navbar to edit the app's theme settings.

Mega menu status

Each mega menu will show up as a separate card on the app's dashboard. A green published badge or an orange unpublished badge will show the status for each mega menu. This status indicates whether or not a mega menu is published on the storefront. If you publish a mega menu then it should show on the chosen theme when viewing the storefront, and if you unpublish a mega menu, then the mega menu will be hidden from the storefront.

Add mega menu

Click the Add mega menu button to create a new mega menu. You can learn more about creating a mega menu using this help article.

Manage menu

Click the Manage menu button to access the menu editor for an existing mega menu.


Click the Duplicate link to duplicate an existing mega menu. This is helpful if you want to make multiple mega menus that use all the same template and customization settings.

Delete a mega menu

Click the trashcan icon to archive an existing mega menu.

Trashed menus

You can access any archived mega menus using the trash link at the bottom of the app's dashboard. This is helpful if you want to restore and/or permanently delete any archived mega menus.

Theme tab

Click the Theme tab on the left sidebar to change which theme you want to use with Meteor (this does the same thing as the theme switcher tool). You can also use the sub links on the sidebar to Update the app's code for the currently selected theme, or even Uninstall the app's code from all your store's themes.

Settings tab

Click on the Settings tab to open the settings page for the app. On the settings page you will see a card with three tabs:

  • General: General settings for the app such as the store password, mobile breakpoint, disable at width, etc.

  • Advanced: More advanced settings such as navigation selectors and z-index.

  • CSS editor: Built-in CSS editor that can be used to add custom CSS for your Meteor menus.

Account menu

Click on the shop owner's name in the top right-hand corner of the screen to see a dropdown menu to manage your account details:

  • Account: All account and plan details

  • Help: Direct link to the app's help center and articles

  • Logout: Manually log out of the app

Need help?

Please don't hesitate to contact our support team via in-app chat or email and we'll be happy to assist! 😎

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