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How to display a logo in customer-facing emails
How to display a logo in customer-facing emails

Use HTML to add a logo image in the app's email templates

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This how-to guide outlines the steps you can take to display a company logo or store logo in the emails sent to customers by Customer Fields.


Step 1 - Upload image

Upload a logo image using the 'Files' section of Shopify (found in the Shopify admin under Content > Files).

Step 2 - Save file URL

Copy the file URL to your clipboard, and paste the URL somewhere safe so you can grab it later.

Step 3 - Edit email templates

Edit the email template(s) in Customer Fields (found in the app admin under Settings > Email notifications > Email templates). Note that there are only three email templates that are editable directly in the app:

Step 4 - Change HTML code

By default, line 41 in the app's email templates uses the following code:

<a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}">{{ }}</a>

Replace line 41 with something like the following instead:

<a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}"><img src="FILE URL" alt="{{ }}" width="150px"></a>
  • The new code above replaces the store name hyperlink with a clickable image, set to a width of 150px.

Step 5 - Update file URL

In the new code you've just added, replace FILE URL with the URL of the file from Step 2.

Step 6 - Preview & test

Once you've changed the HTML code, you can preview your changes using the 'Preview' button in the app admin. If the preview looks good, make sure to click the 'Save' button to save your changes.

You can then send a test email using the 'Send test email' button πŸ‘

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