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How Meteor works when installed on multiple themes (Legacy)
How Meteor works when installed on multiple themes (Legacy)

Learn how the app works when using multiple themes in your store

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You have full control over theme changes made by Meteor! When you make changes in Meteor Mega Menus, the app will automatically inject code into a specific theme in your online store. It's important to understand that the app will only make changes to the currently selected theme.

You can find the selected theme using the 'Theme:' setting, which is shown at the top of the Mega menus page in the app admin:

Switch between different themes in your store

If you click the 'Theme:' dropdown shown above, a menu will appear and you'll see a list of themes that have been added to your online store. When you select a theme, Meteor will automatically inject its code into the theme you selected. However, the app will not remove its code from the previously selected theme unless you use the app's Liquid uninstall tool.

You can also change the selected theme using the 'Theme' page, which can be accessed using the left sidebar:

Note: Any premium Shopify theme that is currently in a trial status will not be available in Meteor. Once you purchase a premium theme you will be able to select the paid theme -- just like you would for any other theme 👍

Using Meteor on multiple themes at once

The 'Theme' setting (aka "theme switcher") in Meteor is a tool that not only serves the purpose of publishing mega menus to a new/different theme, but it also tells the app which theme to use when publishing mega menu changes.

For example, if you originally set up Meteor to use Theme A, but later you switch the theme setting in the app to use Theme B, then any future edits you make in the app will only be published Theme B. If you want your recent changes to be reflected on Theme A, then you would need to edit the theme setting in the app to use Theme A.

How to create and test mega menus without impacting the store's live theme

Perhaps you've already used Meteor to create mega menus on your store's live theme, but you want to stage a new look for the mega menus using an unpublished theme. This is a very common (and suggested) practice since it allows you to work on changes without impacting customers on your live store. See the details below for suggestions on how to tackle some of the most common scenarios:

Same theme, new mega menus

If you just want to try out a new look for the mega menus you've already created in Meteor, then you can duplicate your live theme in Shopify and use the app's theme switcher to publish the menus to the new duplicate theme. The existing mega menus will continue to stay as-is on your live theme, and all changes made in the app will only show on the duplicate theme you've selected. This means you're free to change the appearance of the existing mega menus and create new mega menus, and the app will only publish these changes to the duplicate theme. You can easily view the duplicate theme on the storefront using the normal tools in the Shopify admin, or you can click the 'Preview' button in the top bar of the app admin.

When you're ready to publish the new mega menu changes to the store's live theme, you can use the 'Theme' setting in the app to re-select the live theme. Doing this will push all the changes you've made directly to the live theme. Once this is done, you're welcome to delete the duplicate theme you created so it's no longer needed.

Same/new theme, new navigation, new mega menus

If you want to create an entirely new set of navigation links and mega menus without affecting your store's live theme, then the process is similar to what is outlined in the scenario above, but there are some notable differences:

  • You'll need to duplicate your live theme in Shopify or use some other designated "development" theme.

  • You'll need to create a new navigation menu in Shopify containing the menu items of your choice.

    • You'll also need to use the Theme Customiser in the Shopify admin to change the theme's settings to use the new navigation menu you just created.

Once you're finished with the theme setup and navigation settings in Shopify, you can launch Meteor and use the app's 'Theme' setting to select the new theme you're working on. Remember that any changes made to the app will only be published to the currently selected theme, so you're welcome to create new mega menus in the app that are attached to the menu items in the new Shopify navigation menu -- all while keeping the current mega menus on the live store as-is.

When you're ready to push the new changes live, you can simply publish the theme using the normal tools in the Shopify admin. Once this is done, you're welcome to delete the old mega menus in the app that were being used by the previous theme since they're no longer needed.

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