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How to collect a customer's birthday
How to collect a customer's birthday

Everything you need to know about using Customer Fields to collect birthday data from your customers

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One of the most important things you can collect from your customers is their birthday. Luckily, Customer Fields has everything you need to collect birthday data from customers, and then use this data in all sorts of different ways.

How to add a birthday (date) field to your form

  1. Go to the Custom input fields tab in the form builder.

  2. Drag and drop the Date field into your form.

  3. Change the field label to "Birthday" or something similar to prompt your customers to select their birthday.

How to only allow birthdays to be over 18 years of age

If you need to ensure that your customers are over 18 years of age, you can use a date field to ensure that the birthday entered is 18+. The field has many validation rules at your disposal for this purpose.

  1. Mark the field as required to ensure that customers cannot bypass this field.

  2. Click the blue "Add validation rule" button.

  3. Add the desired validation; in this case, you will want to dictate "Must be more than".

  4. Set the counter to 18 years ago.

  5. Edit the error message to say something like "You must be 18 or older to register".

See this screenshot for an example:

How to tag customers by their birth month

While it is not possible to tag customers based on custom input values, you can certainly tag customers by birth month using form rules. In the Rules tab of the form builder, you can click the blue "Add new rule" button to create a new rule.

  1. Under Conditions, dictate " if Birthday (birthday)" is on month of year. Select the desired month from the dropdown.

  2. Under Actions, dictate "then add tag to customer". Type in the desired value, such as MONTH_bday.

โ— Important: you will need to create one rule for each month, rather than trying to use the same rule to tag for all months.

See this screenshot for an example of tagging a customer with the value JAN_bday if they select "January" as their birth month:

How to create a filtered segment with current birthdays

Thanks to Customer Fields' powerful filtering and segmenting system, you can run a filter for customers who have a birthday this month! Every month, the segment will be updated with customers whose birthday data matches the current month.

  1. Go to the Customers tab in the app and click the "Add filter" button.

  2. Select the Birthday field.

  3. In the "relative" section for filter options, select "is on current month of any year". See screenshot below:

  4. Click done. This will run the filter.

  5. Click "Save segment" at the top of the screen, and name your segment accordingly. In our example, we named our segment "Customers with birthdays this month". See this screenshot for an example:

Since the month at this point in time is July, all customers who registered with July birthdays will be listed in this segment.

Start a birthday club campaign ๐Ÿฅณ

A birthday email ticks all the marketing boxes: right place, right time, and the right message. Add mind-blowingly high open and click-through rates and you have a recipe that will generate repeat purchases all year round.

Here are some ways to get started with a birthday club campaign:

  • Check out the Happy Birthday app by Union Works, which is a standalone solution that integrates with Customer Fields. This is probably the fastest way to start your birthday campaign.

  • Use our Zapier integration to send birthday emails via Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gmail... or whatever ESP you use.

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