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Suggested apps for social media login that work with Customer Fields

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At the moment, Customer Fields does not include any features that allow customers to log in or register for an account using a social media profile. With that being said, you can use another app for social media login in conjunction with our Customer Fields app. This article goes over some details and best practices regarding the use of social login apps alongside Customer Fields.

App compatibility and potential conflicts

If you are wanting to use a social login app and Customer Fields together on your store, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started.

Potential conflicts

The most important thing to note about most social login apps is that they actually create customer records in Shopify. When a customer uses social login for the first time on a Shopify store, the social login app will create a customer record in Shopify using the email address that is attached to the customer's social media profile. This can cause a conflict since Customer Fields is also designed to create customer records in Shopify, and Shopify does not allow for multiple customer records to use the same email address.

If you have specific data you want to collect from your customers during registration, and you give customers the option to use a social login app to login/register for an account, then there's a chance that they will completely bypass the form on your store's registration page and you won't be able to collect the data you desire during registration. This means that your Customer Fields form would have to also be available in another location on your store besides the registration page, and you would have to figure out a way to prompt or redirect users to the form to ensure they fill it out so that you can get the data you need.

App compatibility

While you are certainly welcome to try any social login app you'd like with Customer Fields, please keep in mind that Customer Fields is not currently integrated with any social login apps, nor is it designed to support social login, so the social login app you choose may not be compatible.

If you need to have a social login functionality on your store in addition to using Customer Fields, we've found that the app named EasyAuth - Social Login is the most straightforward and easiest to use.

Suggested setup

For the best results, we suggest using the following approach:

  1. Launch the Customer Fields app and create an edit account form. The goal here is to install a form on your store's "Edit Account" page. The form should contain all the desired fields for registration, including fields for any custom data you want to collect.

    1. Note: Since you're creating an edit account form, there's no need to add password fields to the form. This is just as well though, as we know that the purpose of social login apps is to prevent the need for a password for faster login anyways. πŸ‘

  2. Install Easy Auth - Social Login on your store.

  3. In the app admin for Easy Auth - Social Login, set the redirect settings to use the URL of the edit account form that was created on Step 1 (the form URL should be /account?view=edit). This will ensure that when customers use the social login app to log in or register, they will be immediately redirected to the edit account form you created in Customer Fields.

With this approach, when the customer first uses Easy Auth - Social Login, a customer record with an account will be created in Shopify, and the customer will be automatically redirected to your edit account form. Once they fill out and submit the edit account form, their account will be synced to Customer Fields and all of the form data will be saved to their account.

Note: Due to limited redirect functionality available in Easy Auth - Social Login, your customers will be redirected to the edit account form every time they use social login.

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