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Manage permissions for each admin user to control access to features and settings

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Customer Fields allows store owners and other admins to control the permissions for each admin user who accesses the app. This is helpful for stores with multiple staff members or collaborators who use the Shopify admin, since some of these users may need to be restricted from performing certain actions within the admin area of Customer Fields.

With user permissions, store owners and admins can control who has access to view customer data, edit customer data, create/update forms, and more.

Permission sets

There are 3 basic sets of permissions for the app admin:

  • Full access (default)

  • No access

  • Limited access

Full access

This provides access to all features and settings within Customer Fields. By default all users have full access, but the store's default permissions can be changed at any time (more details below).

No access

This restricts access to all features and settings within Customer Fields. If a user has no access, they will not be able to perform any actions using the app admin, nor will they be able to view any customer data.

Limited access

This allows you to control which specific parts of the app admin the user has access to. There are 5 options available:

  • View customers - Allows users to view and export all customer data

  • Edit customers - Allows users to add, edit, and delete customer data

  • Manage forms - Allows users to create, edit, and delete forms

  • Manage settings - Allows users to view and change all app settings (except user permissions)

  • Manage users - Allows users to manage the user permissions settings


Store owners and admins can manage user permissions for Customer Fields inside the app admin under Settings > User permissions.

Default permissions

These settings allow you to control the default set of permissions that are given to each user who accesses the Customer Fields app. All users have Full access by default, but you can change the store's default permissions if you wish to restrict or limit access automatically.

Permissions per user

These settings allow you to control the permission set for each user who has accessed the Customer Fields app. The first time any user accesses the app admin they will be given the store's default permissions (mentioned above). However, you can also control each user's permissions separately from the default setting. Simply click on a user's details to change their permissions:

Note: Permissions cannot be changed for store owners. All other users (staff members and collaborators) can have their permissions changed at any time.

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