Before you start building your forms, it is important to note that there are a few settings available for most of the fields in the app's form builder. Almost all of the Standard, Address, Display and Custom fields allow you to define the following:

  • Field label (this is considered the "title" of the field)

  • Description (this allows lets you to add extra instructions for the customer to help them fill out or select a field)

  • Placeholder (this allows you to show an example of what the customer can enter into the field)

  • Default (this allows you to set a default value for the field)

Please note that the Default setting will override the Placeholder setting, and the app will automatically set the value of the field to use the default you have defined. In the example below, we have only set a placeholder, while leaving the default blank.

Here's a screenshot that shows the different field settings (using a single-line text field):

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