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Legacy fields with spaces for names/keys

Learn about migrating data from certain legacy data columns

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The app's old legacy fields editor did not have proper restrictions for field "keys" (also known as "field names"), and this has resulted in the creation of data columns with improper keys.

What's an improper key?

Generally speaking, data column keys should not contain any spaces, special characters, or capital letters. This is because data column keys are meant to be machine-friendly, this way they are easier to use when referencing them via metafields in Liquid, or via an API.

New data columns

The app will create new data columns for any fields with improper keys when migrating to the new form builder

If your old legacy fields have spaces or capital letters in the field names, then the app's form builder will automatically create new data column keys in the proper format when you migrate your legacy form.

Here's a screenshot that shows an example of a legacy field with an improper field name/key:

As mentioned above, the app will create a new data column for each legacy field with an improper key when you migrate your legacy form. This means that the field data collected by the new form will be saved to different data columns, and the legacy data that was collected by the old form's fields will be in the old data columns.

You don't need to migrate your legacy data to the new data columns, but you can if needed

Some merchants are OK with having the legacy data saved in a different place than the new form data, and if that's you, then there's nothing else you need to do. On the other hand, if you want to keep all of your customer data in the same place in the app, then you will want to migrate the data from your legacy data columns into the new data columns that were created.


If you're using the app's metafields in Liquid (see details here), then you will need to update your code to use the newly formatted keys. You can also make your code backwards compatible to use both keys. You can find more technical details about the app's metafields and legacy data using the following guide: Access legacy metafield data

Steps to migrate data from legacy data columns

After you have migrated your legacy form over to the new form builder (see details here), you can use the app's Export and Import features to migrate existing data from legacy data columns. See the steps below for more details:

  1. Create a filter using the app's customer directory for each of the legacy data columns that have improper keys (see this screencast for an example)

  2. Click the 'Export' button to download a copy of your customer data to a CSV

  3. Click the 'Import' button to re-upload the CSV back to the app

  4. After uploading the CSV file, map the legacy data columns from the CSV to the new data columns (these data columns will have keys in the proper format).

  5. After mapping, click the 'Import customers' button and then the app will proceed with the import process.

  6. Once you're done, you can achieve the legacy data columns with the improper key using the Data columns page in the app. Simply click on the 'Other' tab and select the fields with the improper keys, and then click the 'Archive' button.

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