You can manually install a Customer Fields form virtually anywhere on your storefront.

The app has some built-in tools that can be used to install a form on the store's registration page, "Edit account" page, or a separate page, but there's other options too!

With the use of the 'Other location' installation location in the app, you can add a form to a custom location in your theme with a simple copy/paste of some Liquid code.

Other location install option:

Code snippet:

Common uses

Here are some common ways to use the app's manual install method for forms:

Home page form install

  • Can be done by editing templates/index.liquid, or by creating a custom section

Account page form install

  • Can be done by editing templates/customers/account.liquid

Product page form install

  • Can be done by editing templates/product.liquid, or by creating a custom section

Cart page form install

  • Can be done by editing templates/cart.liquid

  • Other changes will be needed if you want to prevent checkout until the form is submitted

Password page form install

  • Can be done by editing layout/password.liquid

There are really no limitations for manual form installs (outside of Shopify's checkout processs), so as long as you can edit Liquid, you should be able to embed a Customer Fields form 🙌

Important notes

Please be aware of the following:

  • While we can help you embed a form in your store's theme, customizations to your theme's code are outside of our normal scope of support. We suggest contacting your theme developer for help with code changes.

  • You are welcome to hire our Professional Services team for a paid custom project. Fill out a service request under Help and support > View services in the app admin to request a quote from our team.

  • You must be on Shopify Plus in order to edit the store's checkout process. Customer Fields is not specifically designed to be used checkout, nor is it suggested.

  • Check out our developer documentation for more technical details!

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