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Automatically import and sync new customers from Shopify

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The customer sync settings allow you to control how Customer Fields handles managed customers when a new customer is created in Shopify. You can adjust the sync settings in the app admin by going to Settings > Customer sync settings.

Settings for automatic syncing

  • If the sync settings are disabled (as shown above), then the app will not automatically import any customer records that get created outside of Customer Fields. This means that any new customers that are created in Shopify will not be accessible inside of Customer Fields -- unless you import the customer record manually, or that customer ends up submitting a Customer Fields form.

  • If the sync settings are enabled, then the app will automatically import any customer records that are already exist in Shopify, and it will continue to import any new customers that get created.

Automatic syncing of new customers is optional, and it's disabled by default

If you do not need to access or edit all of your customers from Shopify inside of Customer Fields, then you do have to worry about automatically importing and syncing all your customers from Shopify. The app's sync settings are actually disabled by default, since it's typically only needed in certain circumstances.

To be clear, you can still use Customer Fields to manage the customers that you import into the app, and any customer that submits a Customer Fields form will be available inside of the app automatically -- even if the sync settings are disabled.

Import and sync customers with specific tags

If you enable the automatic import and syncing from Shopify, then you can limit the customers that get imported to into the app using specific tags:

Using specific tags when automatically importing is helpful if you have a large amount of customers in your Shopify store and you want to keep the number of managed customers in Customer Fields to a minimum. This option is also helpful if you only plan to use the app for a select group of customers, like in the example shown above.

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