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Customer Fields is a developer-friendly app, and these dev docs are meant to help developers with advanced use cases

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Powerful features for merchants, with flexibility for developers

Our developer documentation is found at These dev docs cover a wide range of topics for using the app on a more technical level, including:

    • Details on how to access metafield data, either through the Shopify API or Liquid.

  • Frontend JS API (client-side)

    • From the storefront, you can manage customer data in various ways using JavaScript. You can also hook into our forms in order to extend them with custom behavior (including custom validation).

  • Backend REST API (server-side)

    • Use our REST API to process backend changes behind a secure server. Get and update customer data, listen to webhooks, access admin features, and more!


You can also find developer-focused guides for specific use cases, such as:

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