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How to add a terms and conditions checkbox to a form
How to add a terms and conditions checkbox to a form

Add a checkbox field with a special hyperlink to a form

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Want to add an "agree to our terms" checkbox to your form? No problem! 👍 

Use the guide below to add a checkbox field with a link to a terms and conditions page: 

Step 1: Add a checkbox field 

  • Launch the form builder by adding or editing a form, using the Forms page in the app admin

  • Click into the 'Custom fields' section of the form builder

  • Select the 'Checkbox' field and place it wherever you'd like on your form: 

Step 2: Set the field label

Click on the new checkbox field to edit the Field Label to your liking. 

For this example, we are going to use "I agree to the Terms and Conditions". We've also updated the data column key to agree_terms so it's easier to reference:

The link to the terms and conditions can be added to the field's Description using inline HTML. 

For this example, we're going to link to the store's terms of service policy which has been configured via the Policies page in Shopify admin. We've also made sure that the link's text is underlined, and the policy page opens in a new tab when the link is clicked. See the example code and screenshot below: 

Please read our terms here: <a href="/policies/terms-of-service" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: underline;">Terms and Conditions Policy</a>

Step 4 (Optional): Set validation

After adding the field description, you may want to make this field required. This is done by clicking the 'Required' box in the Validation section. You can also add your own error message:

Step 5: Save and test!

Once you are finished, make sure to save your form by clicking the 'Save' button in the top right. After saving you can then test out your changes on the storefront!

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