Export customer data to CSV

Export your customer data from Customer Fields to a CSV

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The export tool in Customer Fields allows you to download your customer data in a CSV (comma-separated values) file format. This feature is helpful if you need to do something with your customer data outside Shopify and/or Customer Fields or simply just want to download a copy for safekeeping.

Choose what data to export

You can find the export tool by clicking the 'Export' button, which is found at the top-right of the Customers page in the app admin. The tool will allow you to export all data for all managed customers, but you can also narrow it down to a certain group of customers.

When you click the export button two settings will appear in a pop-up; From and Include. A breakdown of the options for each setting is below:


  • 'All customers' will prompt the app to create an export of all of the store's managed customers.

  • 'Selected customers' will prompt the app to create an export of the currently selected customers. If no customers are selected this option will be disabled.

  • 'Current filter' will prompt the app to create an export of every managed customer that matches the current filters you have active. This option is useful if you're looking to export a specific group or segment of customers. 


  • 'Selected data columns' will prompt the app to include the data columns that are currently showing on the customer directory. This option is helpful when you only want to see data for specific columns.

  • 'All data columns' will prompt the app to include all data columns. This includes all of the standard data columns from Shopify and any custom data columns created in the app.

Export your customer data to a CSV file

Once you have decided what data settings you want to use for your export, simply click the green 'Export' button and the app will work to generate an export of your data in the form of a CSV file. Once the export is completed the app will send you an email with a link to download the CSV.

  • The export email will be sent to the email address assigned to your Shopify user account

    • The email sender will be noreply@customerfields.com

    • The email subject will be "Customer export complete"

Note: Customer export processes may take some time to complete if you export a large amount of data. You're welcome to keep using other parts of the app without interrupting any export processes you've initiated.

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