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Separate page template install (vintage)

Details about installing a Customer Fields form on a separate page

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Disclaimer: The latest version of our Customer Fields app uses Shopify's theme app extensions for form installation. To install a form on a separate page, we suggest using an app block in the theme editor, which is part of the new installation process. Read more about app blocks here. All details in the article below only pertain to shops that have used the app's vintage form installation process.


When you select the 'Separate page' install location, the app will automatically create a unique page template in your store's theme. This page template will be available in the Shopify admin when creating and editing pages.

Unique page templates per form

The app's form builder is designed to display the name of the page template that is being used by each form. When you install a new form on a separate page for the first time, the name of the page template will show in a pop up. Any form that has already been installed on a separate page will show the name of the page template when using the Forms page, like so: 

How to display a form on a Page

Once you've installed a form using the 'Separate page' option in the app, you can follow the steps below to display the form on a page:

  1. Go to the Pages section of the Shopify admin (Online Store > Pages)

  2. Add a new page, or edit one of the store's existing pages

  3. Look for the Template panel on the right-hand side of your screen. Use the Template suffix dropdown to select the page template for the desired form.  

Note: If you've installed the form on an unpublished theme, then the new page template that is created by the app may not show up in the Template suffix

dropdown. If this happens, you may need to install the form on the store's live theme.

Save the page and test the form

Once you have selected the proper page template, make sure to save your changes to the page. Then you can test out the form by viewing the page on the storefront 👍

Questions or concerns?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team via chat or email, and we'll be happy to assist!

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