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Redirect customers after form submission
Redirect customers after form submission

Use form settings or rules to control the URL for form redirects

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What does a customer see after they submit a form?

For most forms, by default customers will be redirected to the store's account page after submitting a form. However, there are some powerful settings in the app that allow you to control the URL that is used when redirecting customers after they submit the form. Learn more about some popular ways to control form redirects below.

Pro-tip: You also have the option to show customers a confirmation message on the form instead of redirecting to another page. Learn more using this help article.

๐Ÿ“Œ Form redirects do not work for forms that have the account options set to 'Require email verification', since a special message is instead shown to the customer to let them know to verify their account.

Method 1 - Form Settings

Set a redirect URL via form settings

To set a global redirect URL for a form, click on the Settings tab within the form builder.

In the 'Redirect options' section, you'll find an option for managing the 'Submission redirect URL'. As mentioned above, the default is /account. You can enter a new URL into the field, or you can check the box for 'Go to previous page', which will redirect customers to the previous page they were on before submitting the form.

Method 2 - Form Rules

Create conditional redirect URL via form rules

In the Rules tab of the form builder, you can redirect customers to different URLs based on certain conditions you define. For example, you can redirect all customers who select "female" as their gender to a collection specifically for women:

For advanced use-cases: Make the redirect URL dynamic with data column variables

You can even use data column variables to utilize customer data in the redirect URL, as shown in the screenshot below. Learn more about data column variables using this help article.

Important notes

  • Form redirects do not work for forms that have the account options set to 'Require email verification'. Form redirects will also not work if the customer runs into an error when submitting the form. Learn more about form errors shown to customers using this help article.

  • /account is an example of a relative URL path, which is used when linking to another page on your Shopify website. You can also use an absolute URL path (e.g. in order to link to an external site. Learn more about URL best practices using this help article.

  • Form rules used to create conditional URL redirects are available on the app's Pro and Advanced plans. If you're on the Lite plan you can manage your plan below:ย 

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