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Start using the Customer Fields app in 3 minutes

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Welcome to Customer Fields!

Thanks for choosing to use Customer Fields for your online store. If you're new to the app and/or Shopify, you can use the video and step-by-step instructions below to get up and running fast!

3-minute video overview

Create a form, add it to your theme, start collecting data, then put the data to work!

The steps below provide a basic outline of how to create a registration form and install it on your storefront. There are many other ways to use the app as well, so make sure to check out the rest of our help articles for feature details, best practices, tips & tricks, and more!

Step 1

Create a form via the 'Forms' page in the app admin:

Step 2

Use the form builder to customize the form to your liking:

Step 3

Install the form on your storefront using the theme editor in Shopify:

Step 4

Test the form by submitting it (just like a customer would), and then check the results!

πŸ‘‰ Note for new Shopify stores:

Shopify hides customer accounts for new stores by default, and customer accounts must be enabled to use our Customer Fields app. You can follow the steps below to enable customer accounts:

  • Login to the Shopify admin and go to Settings > Customer accounts > Accounts in online store and checkout

  • Select "Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout"

  • For the account version, choose "Classic customer accounts"

  • Make sure to save your changes, and then you'll be all set!

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