Pro tip: Did you install Meteor on a duplicate theme? If so, simply delete the theme you used for the installation (unless you still need it, of course).

Automatic Uninstall

  1. Is the Meteor Mega Menu still listed on your Apps and sales channels page in the Shopify admin? If not, reinstall the app on your store.

  2. Open the app admin and click Theme on the left sidebar. Click Uninstall and use the "Confirm Liquid removal" button. See screenshot:

This step will remove Meteor's code from your themes. If you no longer intend to use Meteor Mega Menu on your store, you can now remove Meteor using the Apps and sales channels in Shopify.

Manual Uninstall

  1. Click the 'Remove' button from the Apps and sales channels page in your Shopify admin (found under Settings > Apps and sales channels). This will cancel any recurring charges/subscriptions for the app, and the app will be removed from your store.  

  2. Use the Shopify admin to open the theme code editor for the theme you had Meteor installed on. You can access the code editor by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code.  

  3. Open layout/theme.liquid.  

  4. Find and remove {% include 'meteor-menu', load: 'head' %}, which will be within the head tag.  

  5. Find and remove {% include 'meteor-menu', load: 'footer' %}, which will be just before the closing </body> tag at the end of the file. Note: This may not be found in layout/theme.liquid - depending on the version of Meteor that was used when the app was originally installed on the theme, the code for the 'footer' may not exist.  

  6. Make sure to save your changes to the file after removing the code referenced above.  

  7. Last but not least, delete the following files from the theme:  

  •     snippets/meteor-menu.liquid   

  •     templates/list-collections.meteor.liquid   

  •     assets/meteor-menu.css   

  •     assets/meteor-menu.js   

  •     assets/verify-meteor-menu.js   

You’re all done! Meteor’s code is now completely removed from your store.

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