What is Meteor?

Meteor Mega Menus is a Shopify app that allows you to build fully customizable dropdown mega menus for your online store. The app is easy to use, responsive, and lightweight – so it won’t slow down your store. Meteor Mega Menus includes eight beautifully designed menu templates, along with a vast amount of customization settings for each template (no coding needed!).

How can Meteor help my Shopify store?

Responsive, high-performing mega menus add significant value to your storefront. Showcasing your products in a beautiful & clean way will help your customers more effortlessly browse your products and find what they are looking for.

Can I install Meteor on an unpublished theme?

Most definitely! In fact, we always recommend installing on an unpublished theme the first time around; primarily so that the app does not interfere with your live store until you're ready. When you’re finished customizing your menus, simply change the theme setting within the app and the mega menus will automatically appear on the newly chosen theme.

Do I have to install any app code onto my theme?

No, you are not required to manually install any app code on your store's theme. The app's code is automatically installed whenever you choose a theme within the app admin.

Can I use the menus I’ve created in my Shopify navigation with the app?

Absolutely! In fact, almost all mega menu content in the app is pulled from your store’s navigation menus. This means that when you add a new mega menu in the app, you’ll be asked to choose from a menu you’ve already created in your store’s navigation settings (found in the Shopify admin under Online Store > Navigation). If you want to make changes to the contents of a mega menu, you’ll need to do so using the store’s navigation settings.

Can I customize the mobile menus?

You can change mobile background & text colors within the app's customization settings for each mega menu. There is also an option to ‘stack’ the links which changes how the links are displayed. If you’d like any other basic styles adjusted, feel free to reach out to our support team and we’ll do our best to help.

How do I delete a mega menu?

In the Meteor Mega Menus app, find the menu you want to delete. Click the trash can icon and confirm whether or not you want to delete the mega menu.

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