Before building the mega menus, we first recommend duplicating your store’s live (aka published) theme so that the new menus don’t interfere with your live store. This way you can fully test the mega menus on the storefront without affecting the live store until you're ready 👍

Here’s how to duplicate your store's theme:

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes 

  2. Navigate to the theme you want to duplicate and click Actions > Duplicate

Pro tip: We suggest renaming the duplicate theme with the keyword ‘Meteor’ so that you can easily distinguish it from your other themes.

Choose which theme you want Meteor to use 

Once you have duplicated your theme, you can use the 'Theme' setting that shows in the header of the app admin to tell Meteor which theme to use:

You can also change themes using the Change theme page in the app admin - whatever is easier for you! 🤗

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