Customer Fields is fully integrated with Google reCAPTCHA v2

If you want to ensure that your forms are being submitted by actual human beings, or if you are having issues with spam accounts, then you may want to consider enabling a recaptcha. Our Customer Fields app is fully integrated with V2 of Google's reCAPTCHA, and you can get this set up on your form in just a couple minutes!  

Steps to enable reCAPTCHA

It's important to note that you will need to generate a "site key" and a "secret key" in order to use reCAPTCHA in Customer Fields. Both of these keys are provided by Google, using the Google account of your choice. If you do not have a Google or Gmail account, then you will need to create one. 

Follow the steps below to create the required keys and enable captcha for a form: 

Step 1:

Use this link to get started:

Note: If you already have reCAPTCHA keys for your store's domain(s), then you can skip to Step 8.

Step 2:

Once on the landing page for Google's reCAPTCHA, click the 'Admin Console' button. This will jump you into the dashboard for reCAPTCHA if you're already logged in to your Google account, otherwise you will need to login/register first.

Step 3:

Once in the reCAPTCHA dashboard, Google will ask you to register a new site. Provide a label for the site to proceed (we suggest using your domain as the site label).

Step 4:

Select reCAPTCHA v2 for the reCAPTCHA type. Google may show you some sub-options after you select v2, and if so we suggest choosing "I'm not a robot" Checkbox.

Step 5:

Supply your store's domain(s). At a minimum you'll need to enter in your URL, and if you're using a custom domain with your store you will need to enter this domain as well. Simply click the '+' button to add additional domains.

Step 6:

Check the box to accept the Terms of Service and then click the 'Submit' button to register.

Step 7:

Once you register, Google will display a confirmation page. On this page you should see your site key and secret key. You can use the 'copy' buttons to automatically copy the key(s) to your clipboard.

Step 8:

Go to the Forms page in the Customer Fields app, click the 'Edit' button for your desired form, and click on the 'Settings' tab within the form builder. Check the box for “Enable reCAPTCHA” and copy/paste the site key and secret key provided by Google.

Note: Make sure you add both keys into the app's settings, since they are both required. Without them, your customers will receive errors when trying to submit the form.

Step 9:

After you've confirmed that both keys are correct, click the 'Save' button in the app admin. 

That's it, you're all finished!

Now you can test out the reCAPTCHA by viewing the form on the storefront. Notice that the app will not allow you to submit the form unless the reCAPTCHA is completed. 🙌

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