Now that you’ve successfully set up fields, your customers can input their information for you to use. The next step is getting that data and doing something with it. No problem—we’ve designed a simple way to do just that.

There are 3 choices when exporting customers from the Customers page:

  1. Current page
  2. Filtered
  3. Everyone
  1. If you select Current page you will export the customers on the current page only including filtered results if you have a filter set. All data columns will be saved even if they are not visible.
  2. The Filtered view is similar to the first option, however all customers that match the filter will be exported even if they are on multiple pages. We recommend using the Filtered option for exporting specific groups of customers.
  3. Finally, the Everyone option will result in a download of all existing customers and data columns.

Click 'Export' to download a CSV file (Comma-separated Values) that contains all the information for each customer in question.

Things to note:

  • There is currently no way to filter the data columns included in the export.
  • The customer directory is currently limited to just one filter.
  • We plan to implement improvements to the Customers page as our next project in 2020. Stay tuned for good stuff! 🎉 
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