The export tool in Customer Fields allows you to download your customer data in a CSV (comma-separated values) file format. This feature is helpful if you need to do something with your customer data outside of Shopify and/or Customer Fields, or if you simply just want to download a copy for safekeeping.

Choose what data to export

You can find the export tool by clicking the 'Export' button, which is found at the top of the Customers page in the app admin. The tool will allow you to export all data for all customers, but you can also narrow it down to a certain group of customers. When you click the export button you'll see two sections of options:


If you select Current page, the app will export the customers that are listed on the current page you're viewing. The app displays a max of 50 customers per page, so this option is great if you only need a small sample of data.

If you select Current filter, the app will export every customer that matches the current filters you have active. This option is very useful if you're looking to export a specific group or segment of customers. 

If you select All customers, the app will export all of the store's customers. If you're working on a shop that has over 10,000 customers this file may take a while to fully download, so keep an eye on your browser's download queue. 


If you select Selected data columns, the app will only include the data columns that are currently showing on the customer directory. This option is helpful if you when you only want to see data for specific columns.

If you select All data columns, the app will include all data columns. This includes all of the standard data columns from Shopify, along with any custom data columns that have been created in the app.

Export your customer data to a CSV file

Once you have selected what data you want to export, simply click the 'Export' button and the app will generate a CSV file that will be downloaded in your browser. Please note that the download may take a while to finish if you are exporting a large amount of data at once, but you're welcome to keep using other parts of the app without interrupting the download.

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