Email notifications for staff and admins

With Customer Fields you can set up email notifications so that admins and other staff members can be aware of new customer sign ups and changes to existing customers.

Follow these steps to add/edit the email addresses used for email notifications:

  • In the app admin, go to Settings > Email notifications

  • By default, the email addresses on file for the Shopify store (found in the Shopify admin under Settings > General > 'Store contact email' & 'Sender email') will be preconfigured and enabled, as indicated by a grey Shopify badge. You can disable notifications for these email addresses using the toggle switch to the left of each email address.

  • You can have up to 5 different email addresses by typing in each email address and then clicking the 'Add' button. Please note that each new email address you add will need to be verified first before it can be enabled.

  • You can delete any email address (except the email address from Shopify) by clicking the trashcan icon on the right of the email address.

  • Make sure to click the 'SAVE' button after making changes.

Notification Types 

There are two notification types that are available:

  • When a new customer signs up for an account

  • When a customer edits their account

Both of these types can be turned on or off by using the toggle switches on the Notifications page. Just be sure to click the 'SAVE' button after making changes.

Email previews

{Customer} created an account

This email notifies you when a customer creates an account and includes data about that customer, including custom input fields you've added to your form.

{Customer} updated their account

This email notifies you when a customer updates their account and more importantly what data has changed!

Customize email template & reorder customer data

It is now possible to change the order of the data that is sent via email notifications, however, the rest of the email (subject line, etc.) cannot be edited at this time.

To change the order of the data shown in the emails, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Customers page

  • Click on any customer, then click "Reorder data columns"

  • Drag and drop to reorder the data columns as desired

  • Click the "Save" button once you're done

The newly reordered data will be reflected on each customer's detail page in the app, and this will also change the order of the data on the app's email notifications.

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