We work hard to support most themes on Shopify 🙌

Meteor Mega Menus is designed to replace the native dropdown menus in a store's theme. By default, the app expects to attach its mega menus to links in the store's main navigation bar (which is normally found in the header on desktop, and a sidebar on mobile).

Due to the very nature of website plugins like Meteor, it's simply not possible for all of the app's features to work reliably for each and every Shopify theme in existence. Some themes may have aggressive styling or scripts that could override our app's mega menus, and other low-quality themes may not be designed to adhere to Shopify's standards and best practices.

Theme compatibility ranking

Here's a quick breakdown of the types of themes that are most compatible with Meteor, ranked from highest to lowest:

  1. Free Shopify themes (from themes.shopify.com)

  2. Paid Shopify themes (from themes.shopify.com)

  3. Custom-built themes

  4. Themes from 3rd party websites (e.g. themeforest.net)

Advanced settings for theme conflicts

Troubleshooting guide

Many common issues can be resolved with some simple setting changes in the app's admin area. Use our troubleshooting guide (linked below) and if contact us if you need assistance along the way.

Navigation selectors

Some Shopify themes have unique markup that prevents the app's automatic attachment from working correctly, so you may need to use some navigation selectors to tell the app where to attach its mega menus. You can edit the app's navigation selectors in the app admin under Settings > Advanced.

Pro-tip: You can learn more about navigation selectors using this help article.

Manual attachment

Meteor can also be used to attach mega menus to other parts of the theme outside of the main navigation bar. This is possible via manual attachment, which you can learn more about using this help article.

Still stuck?

If you have any issues making your mega menus function or look great on your store's theme, please let us know and we'll be happy to assist! 

You can contact our support team via chat or email 🤗

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